Saturday, March 13, 2010


Two of the defining characteristics of leftist thought are 1.) the notion that all misfortune in the world is traceable to the bad charachter of someone, and 2.) that the value of words derives more from how they sound than what they mean.

Leftists are always eager to hunt down those responsible for any undesirable human condition, regardless of whether that condition results from natural disaster, unforeseen consequences of otherwise sound endeavors, or just plain bad luck. Leftists instinctively direct their gripes and complaints toward some flaw in someone's character--greed, or racism, or indifference. All form of human tragedy is avoidable in this view, if only the miscreants that cause it can be monitored securely by a benevolent government agency. Anthropogenic global warming? Why, how could there be any other kind?

Leftists also think that passing credit should be given for notions that sound good, regardless of whether reality confirms that assumption or not. "No human is illegal," "You can't hug a child with nuclear arms," "Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam," "Visualize World Peace," "Dissent is the highest form of Patiotism*," etc. Such vacant sloganeering does not lend itself to reasoned discourse, being so lacking in depth of thought. Leftists then fall back on predictable contingencies: sarcasm, ridicule and bad puns. The main problem with most leftists thought is that it's native habitat is destructive conjecture, rather than the messy and unavoidable challenges of the real world.

*depending on the object of the dissent, of course.

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