Saturday, April 16, 2011

Expendable Government

Small government conservatives are going to be viciously demagogued until they confront the one fallacous assumption that underlies the progressive world-view: that unless government does something it won't get done. The left has insinuated this fallacy so deeply into current discourse that it is assumed that any cut to any government program will result in humanitarian disaster, complete with refugees, feral youth and the elderly being left to die on the trail. Obama, Pelosi, and fellow prgressives peddle the notion that, not only should government be responsible for things that were individual responsibilities for thousands of years, but that only government should be responsible for them. The left simply cannot risk the argument that there are some things best left to the character and industry of free people. They do not want people questioning the premise that the government is the preferred provider of both necessities and amenities, even those that it does not provide well.

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