Thursday, September 26, 2013

The end of Islamism

I An interesting biological phenomenon is that simple organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi are capable of wreaking havoc on more complex and highly developed beings. This is not surprising, as entropy favors destruction and decay. It is always easier to destroy than to build. This concept applies not only to biological organisms but to societies and cultures as well.

The destinies of civilizations are not always in the direction of greater advancements. There is no guarantee that the future is limited to greater artistic, intellectual and humanitarian achievement. The triumphs of civilization are often fragile and barbarism is always a threat.

GK Chesterton observed that barbarism does not always describe only those cultures that are insufficiently advanced in civilization, but also describes those that, having advanced, become hostile and threatening toward it. The source of this contempt and enmity for values and traditioms that oppose, for example terrorism, genocide, and religious persecution vary from time to time and place to place. The most prominent doctrine that now opposes liberal values is that of radical Islam. The stated goal of this movement is to establish worldwide sharia law and dominance of political Islam. The ideological springboard for this regressive and destructive movement is not based in religious piety but in an emotional, supremacist fantasy.

There in fact will never be a worldwide caliphate. There are many reasons for this which include:

1.) Sharia law results in relatively weak political systems, that are not well suited to the complexities and rapid change of modernity.

2.) The present worldwide Islamic terrorist movement is not capable of achieving and maintaining power, as terrorism itself is unstable..

3.) The strategy of attempting to establish demographic dominance by emigration to Western countries fosters an atmosphere of dependence and insularity that is inherently unstable.

4.) While religion has provided an organizing framework for many cultures and societies, there is a limit to the influence of any particular religious doctrine in pluralistic societies. Human beings are simply not religious enough to accede to religious dominance in all areas of life.

5.) If political Islam were capable of creating and maintaining desirable cultures and societies, the net immigration would be from Western societies to Muslim ones rather than the other way around.

6.) Chauvinism is a poor basis for a system of government.

7.) There's a reason why Ataturk ditched the agonal Caliphate about eighty years ago. The present campaign to reestablish political Islam through terrorism, wanton violence, demographic hegemony and narcissistic complaint is a doomed effort to reinvigorate a failed idea.  

8.) The more establsihed that Islamism becomes, the more susceptible it is to the barbaric instincts that inhere in human nature. It will become the target, rather than the aggressor.  

9.) Threatening to behead those who "insult" you or cause you offense is a hallmark of weakness; any doctrine that cannot accommodate ridicule cannot accommodate reality.

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